Big Sis Doesn’t Answer

Concerning the large number of bullets that the DHS has purchased over the last year —

“Congressman Timothy Huelscamp revealed this week that the Department of Homeland Security has refused to answer questions from “multiple” members of Congress regarding its recent purchase of huge amounts of weapons and ammunition.”

“Huge amounts” is quite an understatement given the 1.6 billion rounds purchased are enough for a 20 year war or about 4 bullets per man, woman and child living in the United States. Too expensive to use for practice rounds, the hollow point bullets that the agency purchased are the real deal.

In other news, the Obama administration hopes that using the DHS simply as the middleman for the expanded cybersecurity program will alleviate any privacy concerns. The DHS will scan all internet traffic to and from defense contractors and other critical infrastructure providers while other companies will process and analyze it.

That the administration really believes the agency, that won’t answer questions about the large number of bullets, has garnered enough public trust that their possession of the scanned internet traffic won’t be called into question, is unlikely. More likely, the administration believes the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t have to answer to anybody. Except the President.

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One Response to Big Sis Doesn’t Answer

  1. RIVER TALK says:

    In other news they are also retrofitting 2,717 heavily armored personnel vehicles for use on American streets “in case” there is a crisis that calls for martial law. Weapons, hollowpoints, MRAPs, what crisis do you think they are preparing for?

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