Senator Paul Filibusters For Justice

Tonight Senator Rand Paul is filibustering on the Senate floor to bring national focus to the Obama administration’s policy that claims the executive right to kill American citizens on US soil without trial and without proof.  The policy makes one person —  the president  — accuser, judge and jury.

I don’t know how many Americans are paying attention to this filibuster. I don’t know how many American are paying attention to this extreme out-of-balance change in power that is occurring in our nation.

Rand Paul doesn’t think he will be able to put a stop to this presidential policy from his single protest, but I hope that America responds by understanding that this path is an evil and dangerous one. I hope that America rises up and says “no” to this policy — a policy which by the constitutional definition of justice, is unjust. Americans have the right to due process.

He said that he will speak until he cannot speak anymore. Thank you Senator Paul.

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3 Responses to Senator Paul Filibusters For Justice

  1. dukeshoward says:

    All presidents want more executive power. When the Bush administration wanted more power to spy on Americans a lot of people – mainly those who didn’t support Bush – were mad. Most of his supporters were either silent or supported the policy. When the Obama Administration is says trust us on the use of drones a lot of people – mainly those who don’t support Obama – are worried. We have the same pattern with his supporters either being silent or supporting. I think only Wyden joined the filibuster.

    • DebbS says:

      It’s most discouraging when partisanship trumps the most important issue – that of our liberty. Economics and social programs are one thing, but when our representatives won’t come together to protect our most basic constitutional rights, that’s at a whole new level.

      The Patriot Act is an example of this partisanship and look where that’s got us after so few years. Both the Obama and the Bush administrations have expanded executive power built upon the act, creating whole new bureaucracies to entrench that power into our system. So much is built upon that power, that it won’t go away easily.

      I look at the changes in the US over the last decade, and it’s just surreal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To be fair to Sen. Paul, it must be said that both the Senator and his father have been consistent on these issues in the past as John Avalon noted on the Daily Beast.

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