Cybersecurity Incomplete

President Obama’s executive order on cybersecurity appears to get a start on building the framework for sharing intelligence between private industry and government in order to prevent loss of critical infrastructure by cyber attack, Zach Whittiker of ZDNet explains. While the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CIPSA) stalled in the Senate due to internet privacy concerns, this order appears to roll out the less controversial parts of the legislation.

But CIPSA isn’t going away. Another tech personality and writer for ZDNet, Violet Blue, calls the bill “…a setup to wipe out decades of consumer privacy protections, giving the U.S. government unprecedented access to individuals’ online data and communications.” Many are relieved at the contents of this executive order because it only begins the work on the way that the intelligence will be shared, not what intelligence will be shared. The order isn’t entirely innocuous though. When viewed in conjunction with the likely passage of CIPSA, the order serves to increase the speed and efficiency with which internet privacy will no longer be protected.

The preliminary framework is supposed to be published 240 days from the date of the executive order. Within this time frame, CIPSA will be headed back to the House of Representatives. We’ll have to wait until the passage of CIPSA to see what the shared content will include, but I suspect that with the framework already in place, that data will be passed to the national databases and other network security destinations so quickly that there will be little ability to stop it through the slow workings of the judicial system.

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